North Road Craft Cider

This single varietal, fully dry British style cider is made with Northern Spy apples.   As a result it is a somewhat lighter cider than our other craft ciders with a crisp clean finish and the lovely subtle Northern Spy flavour notes.   It's a perfect cider for hot summer day.

The Dambrowitz family farm (Brenda's grandparents' farm) is on the North Road just outside Matheson Ontario and provides the name for this cider.  Ernie and Jessie's work ethic and love of farming has been an inspiration to many including the Farmgate founders.  

The label art work is one of Brenda's paintings from a family canoe trip on the Chochocoaune River in northern Quebec - another angle on a northern road.

6.3% ABV

The four pack includes 4 x 375ml bottles for a total volume of 1.5 litres.

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