Our Story

stone house with apple trees in foreground

Vision & Values 

Farmgate Cider is a family-owned and operated cidery just outside of Ottawa. Family is at the core of everything we do. We plant, prune, graft, harvest, crush, bottle, label and sell together. Each bottle of cider is a testament to this: we won’t sell anything not worthy of our own dinner table. 

We also value local and sustainable agriculture. We don’t use pesticides, hormones, or other chemicals on our apples. We don’t add sulphites, preservatives, or additives to our cider. Our bottles are high-quality and reusable. Our samples are poured into glassware that can be washed and reused. We work with other local businesses as much as we can. These are values we hold dear. We think it makes the cider taste better. 

Our Story 

Farmgate’s story started about 20 years ago. As a family, we moved our home — a heritage stone building — to Mohr’s Road. A wild apple tree was discovered on the border of what would become the Farmgate orchard. The apples from this tree are so sour, they aren’t edible, but they do make great cider.

A man picks apples

It’s the apples from this very first tree (and a few other wild trees) that make up our Wild Apple Estate Cider. Our youngest thinks the apples are tasty just on their own, so we affectionately call this first tree “Stuart’s Tree.” 

Over the next few years, more land was cleared, and trees were planted by the dozens. Jim and Brenda’s children — Jacob, Matt, and Stuart — helped plant and maintain these trees during their summers. At first, having so many fresh apples was wonderful, but soon there were too many to eat. Making cider seemed to be the natural next step. The first batch wasn’t so great, but persistence and experimentation (and a little bit of reading) lead to a delicious product we were excited about. And as is tradition around the Davies household, a little cider turned into a lot of cider, and soon there was simply too much to consume ourselves. Why not share with those around us? So Farmgate was born: out of hard work, out of family, and out of a love of trees. 


Welcome to Farmgate Cider!

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