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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Farmgate Cider?
We like to sell our cider directly from us to you. You can buy from our online store,, various Farmers’ Markets as well as select restaurants and bottle shops. Click the Find Us tab at the top of the page for more details.

What is in Farmgate Cider?
There is nothing in our cider other than apples and yeast.  Our Estate Cider line contains apples grown on our farm organically (no chemical pesticides or fertilizers). The Craft Cider line is made from apple juice from local producers. We don’t add sulphites, stabilizers or preservatives to our cider. 
Some varieties have natural sweeteners or other fruits added.

What’s the difference between Farmgate Estate cider and Farmgate Craft cider?
Our Estate Cider is made with organic apples from our own orchard. As quantities of this special cider are limited, we also have a Craft Cider line to keep up with demand. Our Craft Cider is made with apple juice from local apple producers. 

Do you add sugar to any of your products? 
As we don’t add sulphites to our cider, all the natural sugar in the apples gets converted into alcohol during the fermentation process. This leaves us with beautiful, dry and sugar-free cider. For a few varieties we add some natural sugars back in, a process known as “back-sweetening.” We only use natural sweeteners like apple-honey and maple syrup to give our ciders balance and flavour.  

Is your cider gluten-free? 
Yes! All our ciders are naturally gluten-free. 

How should I store Farmgate cider? 
Our Sugarbush and Bee Squared varieties should be refrigerated until consumed. Everything else will be fine in a cool, dark place. 

What should I do with my empty Farmgate cider bottles?
We use high quality reusable glassware to bottle our cider, and like to reuse them. You can return them to the farm for a deposit. We’ll also pick them up when we deliver your next order. If you’d rather recycle the bottles, that works too.  

Do you deliver? 
Yes! We deliver weekly in the Ottawa area. Please visit our Deliveries page for more information.
We’re also offering curbside pick up at the farm.

Who are Farmgate Club Members? 
For those who just can’t get enough! We offer monthly cider subscription packages so you always have Farmgate on hand. Visit our
Members page, or send us an email for more information. 

Do you cater to large events? 
Yes! We can supply your wedding, office party, or family get-together with delicious Farmgate Cider.
Send us an email to find out more. 

Can we visit your orchard / cidery?
We can host tours and tastings by appointment, and we will have several seasonal events each year at the farm where we will invite our customers to come and visit. Sign up for our mailing list here. Visit our Tours and Tastings page for more information.

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