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Read what some of our customers have to say about Farmgate Cider 

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"Farmgate cider - where do I start?  I have had the pleasure of tasting all of the cider blends and really enjoy the high quality, crisp and always delicious craft cider. My favourites?  Tough call, but here they are -  Russet, Both "Wild" varieties and Stagecoach Estate... Try 'em all, you won't regret it!"
        - Darrin L. 

"My friend and I went on the tour on Sunday, and we had an amazing time. I cannot recommend your business enough. The owner was super knowledgeable and patient with our questions. It is clear that the family is very passionate about the farm and the work that they do. It definitely shows in the product and in how well kept the whole place looks."
        - Alison C

"With Farmgate you can trust the process for a super high-quality, easy-drinking cider. We are excited to see where Farmgate goes from here, and will enjoy the tasty journey as we follow along. Brings light on our dark & cold winter nights." 
        - Dan W.

"I was so thrilled when I found out Farmgate cider was right in our community. I hadn't had cider that good since leaving England! And so many varieties! On top of that, it is run by the loveliest family, whom I'm always so happy to support. Keep up the good work!"
        - Claire D. 

"I made a soup of root veggies (sweet potatoes, sweet onion, carrots and apples) and it needed some thinning after it all simmered and was emulsified. We opted to use a bottle of your delicious Farmgate Cider to do that and the result was yummy!! I truly love your cider offerings!!"
        - Gurtie K. 

"The advent calendar was amazing.  Will definitely make that an annual event."
        - Jordan C. 

"Farmgate cider is bright and crisp, and, depending on the variety, can also be a touch sweet. Lovely with almost any meal. While the cider is of the highest quality, Farmgate maintains its family-run charm and local appeal. Highly recommended!"
        - Luk A. 

Photograph by Lauren McCormick Photography

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