Available at the Landsdowne & Carp Farmers Markets! 

 The short answers is just apples! Farmgate ciders are made solely from apples grown in our orchard. We add nothing but yeast to the juice - no sulphites, stabilizers or preservatives.  Our apples are grown organically with no chemicals or pesticides or herbicides.

Our ciders are made from a blend of the over dozen various apple cultivars grown on our farm.  The ratio’s and varieties selected allow us to shape the character of the resulting cider – the alcohol level, the tartness, the balance, etc.   For some of our specialty ciders we also mix in juices from other fruits grown on the farm like plums, pears, raspberries, blackberries and rhubarb.  Regardless of the blend we feel a sustainable natural approach done properly gives a better result –both in taste and peace of mind.

Welcome to Farmgate Cider!

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