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1. Can I use seeds from any kind of apple?

While you will likely be able to get any kind of apple started, it is best to choose an apple variety which will do well in Ottawa area.  Empire, Cortland or Russet apples would be good choices

2. Will the apples that I get from the tree I grow taste just like apple that I got the seeds from?

No they will taste different.  Trees grown from seed are different from their parent, just like us, but in the case of apple trees they are typically very different than their parents.  The only way to get the exact same tasting apple is by grafting a branch from the tree you like onto new root stock.

3. How many seeds should I plant?

Many of your apple seeds won't germinate and you will typically loose some seedlings along the way.  So you will likely want start with a dozen seeds for each tree you would like in the end.

4. What if we end up with more apple trees than we have space to plant?

No worries there are a number of options for good homes where your apple trees will be well looked after.

5. How long will it take for my seedlings to bear fruit?

Typically apple trees grown from seed take 8-10 years to bear.  

6. How big will my apple tree grow?

Most kinds of apples grown from seed will make trees that grow to 30' high.  Of course you can fit them into a somewhat smaller space with pruning

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